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Tintigny / Belgique - Région Wallone
Rock /Garage /Grunge
Lien site : fr.akamusic.com/maudetnico
Lien Myspace : www.myspace.com/thegclamps

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A propos de THE G-CLAMPS

It's on the sustained rhythms of HAMMER-STEF "The wonder snare drum" that the group was formed... At its sides, FURIOUS-MARS, founder of the band, inexhaustible composer, this aficionado of big riffs delivered to the Gatling is the result of a mating of a neurotic Telecaster and a rockin chair... But her best find; join STRATO-NICO "The roaring of Elfu Hills", an talented singer, also guitarist/bassist/ and composer, he who has more always than one trick up in its flight-cases... ... Assisted by AERO-STEF "Play loud!", foot stuck on his wah-wah, a lefthander who reminds us often another more famous guitarist and SKARIFICATOR-WALTER, the come last in the band for dealing with the low frequencies... THE G-CLAMPS is one of the rare rock-bands of the belgian south-Luxemburg to submit originals songs in a very groovy and powerful style, similar to the Grunge, Garage, Stoner and Power-Rock! From Brussels to Arlon, in groups like this "Mezcaleros"(BXL), "The Barranquillas"(BXL), "Tuttle"(Habbay), "Patti Smith Cover Group"(Habbay) and other trainings that these revelers were able to make their weapons! They have looted and tortured many other musicians before locking their clamps on the project. The groups Power-rock or Garage-Rock are quite rare in the belgian south-Luxemburg ... Down here, there are many styles, a bit of ska, the gypsy, the metal, the street-punk, the hard-core, the cover-bands and even rustic pirate!... ... but for the ROCK... you know , that which groove and mark the ears with a hot iron, It's only THE G-CLAMPS!!!


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Concerts passés

- 05/02/2011 - 19h30 - 5EUR - Le Malt' In Potes Café - Battincourt - Belgique - Région Wallone
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