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Paris / France - Ile-De-France
Power Pop /Rock /Pop
Lien site : www.skymobil.net
Lien Myspace : www.myspace.com/skymobil

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A propos de Skymobil

Starting out life in the Paris area, Skymobil began back in 2002 with the original members Yann and Vince (the brothers), Nico and Paul. After 2 years under the working name of HALO, Paul left to go to the States and Skymobil was born. The group made up of Yann: keyboard, Vince: vocals, Nico: guitar recently completed with Alex: drums (former member of Priam) and Quentin: bass. The group is inspired by new wave, pop, British rock and indie sounds which bring together its current style; a punchy pop tainted with melancholic melody. The first 8 titles are now online along with their acoustic versions at www.myspace.com/skymobil and on the official site


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