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- 02/08/2009 : URGENT - CHERCHE BASSISTE -

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Paris / France - Ile-De-France
Grunge /Garage /Punk'n'Roll
Lien site : www.shlack.net
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Formed in early 2007 by singer Brian Weir and guitarist Kol sheedy, Shlack went straight into writing their own songs and create a universe of grunge rock and garage... Then they recruited bassist Steph and started lookin' out for a drummer. Drummer Oliv' was encountered in a bar by a mutual of his and brian. After the band was completed, they continued writing songs and getting ready to go in the open... The first gig was as the support act of the band Electric Supernova and had a very good welcome from the crowd. They continued afterwards exhausting their repertoire and doin' gigs,


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