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- 08/12/2012 : Nouvel Album de RedLight Sortie 21/01/2013

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Marseille / France - Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur
Indie /Rock /Trip Hop
Lien site : https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRedLight
Lien Myspace : www.myspace.com/redlightspiral

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A propos de RedLight

In January 2007, after living for 5 years in London UK, Londres came back to his hometown Marseille with the idea of developping writing songs for a new project RedLight which would gather all the influences of the music he loves going from electro through rock to hip hop. He started writing songs and Dapé (Raspigaous, 38 Dub Band, Toko Blase) came along to be a complete part of the writing and developing of RedLight. Guy (drummer and used to write with Londres for Interstellar Wave Watchers) also took a major part for the creation of the album.

Tracks after tracks, Dapé, Guy and Londres managed to have what they thought would be a consistent album with songs that would be ever energetic, moody or athmospheric.

After 7 months of writing, The album was mixed and mastered by Gérald Kuentz. The result is the debut album from RedLight "Crash System Control".

RedLight on first Deezer's compilation After signing for believe.fr for numeric distribution and starting to create a buzz by being a myspace artist, presence on www.deezer.com homepage and having a lot of their songs on radio, rehearsals with Den's (Raspigaous, Lo Cor de la Plana) on bass and Denis keyboards and machines started in order to put all those songs on live stage.

Redlight is is the experimental counterpart of IWW. Check www.myspace.com/interstellarwavewatchers for more details about the Rock Driven Project IWW.

Check the first book out from Laurent, "En attendant l'eclipse..." available on :


scar[e]culture lagrosseradio.com raje.fr
LCM lemouv.fr toolzik.com
no-mad-online.com adocpro.com
Les autoprods Espèra un pauc

RedLight is Happy to present his first video: (Rock is Dead) by dreadlocks13
  • Itw dans La French (LE MOUV') 06/11/08

  • Gros boeuf sur la Grosse Radio 2h d'emission & live accoustic

  • RedLight dans L'Upperground

  • RedLight dans l'émission SHOWCASE

  • Choc des cultures (RAJE FM) 15/01/09 Itw de Dapé par Stéphane

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  RedLight Album is available for download on  
  virginmega.fr   fnacmusic.com   amazon.com  
  believe.fr   itunes.apple.com   emusic.com  
  musicme.com   7digital.com   starzik.com  
  music4help.com   napster.com   jiwa.fr  


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