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Eppegem / Belgique - Région Flamande
Ska /Punk
Lien site : www.overweightmusic.be
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A propos de Overweight

[Biographie en Anglais, Biographie en Français bientôt!]

2001. Some schoolfriends, hailing from Vilvoorde, Belgium, decide to start up a band. Some growing pains were conquered, and Overweight was born. What started out with several punk- and rockcovers, soon evolved into a mix of selfmade songs, spiced up with some creatively covered songs of popular children- and animationseries. A very important step for Overweight was the introduction of a horn section, comprising a logical evolution towards skapunk.

An improvised studio was the setting for a first demo, « What we call paradise », which opened a lot of doors. A new demo was released in 2008, titled "Back to life with a hangover", which resulted in a bunch of shows. Later that year, Thomas left the band to spend some more time on other challenges in his life. An ample replacement was found quickly: ever since, Willem Merckx has been in charge of the plucking of the bass.

Through the years, this fun loving gang has built up a rather excellent live reputation. Wherever they go, their catchy party songs are a guarantee for some good old-fashioned crowd mayhem! Overweight already had the honour of sharing the stage with bands such as Mark Foggo´s Skasters, Janez Detd, P.O. Box, The Maple Room, Homer, Skafield, The Disliked, El Guapo Stuntteam, Peter Pan Speedrock, Five Days Off, The Hicky Underworld, de Heideroosjes, A Brand, ...

In 2009 the band presents its first full-CD: "The world for sale". Ten neatly recorded tracks, with the catchy skapunk tunes definitely being a highlight! Fun, terrific atmosphere, feel good and occasionally a sonic guitar avalanche: this is probably the best way to describe Overweight in a nutshell.


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