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Invading Chapel

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Morangis / France - Ile-De-France
Gothique /Rock /New Wave
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A propos de Invading Chapel

Invading Chapel is a project created in 1996 by Loïc Malassagne near Lourdes ( France ). A first demo "Invading Chapel" comes out and reveals the song "Dark Christ" on "Guitar Part" compilation.

In 1999, another self produced album "Songs Of The Night" comes out of the dark and "Zombie Night" appears on "Hard´n´Heavy" sampler cd and gets available on various catalogues.

In 2003, it´s "Notre Blâme De Paris"´s outcoming with most of the lyrics written in french and a cover of U2´s "With Or Without You".

In 2005, the project is a duet with the arrival of Morticia ( singer and co/writer ) and the new titles in a Gothic-Rock vein announce a new departure. The album "Gothic Is Just About Music" comes out. Interviews and chronicles into english magazines TWF and THE MICK. The song "Dancing Dressed In Black" will be played in various clubs in Paris, London, New-York and Madrid.

May 2006, the album "Snow After Fire" comes out, still recorded at Pleine Lune Studio in France. Invading Chapel is working on his live set thanks to the arrival of their guitarist, Sylvain. The album is available on e-distributor Wild Palms Music and his partners (Virgin Mega,Fnac music etc...).

January 2007, the album "Cursed By System" comes out, and this album is available through The e-distributor Alien Prod. It will be chronicled into several magazines (Elegy Iberica, D-Side, Rock'n Folk, The Mick ...). May 2007, last gig with american band The Crüxshadows in Paris.

In 2009, thierry (drums) and Virginie (Keyboards) join the band. The new line-up is complete.

January 2010, A new album will be recorded at Roots Notes Studio and Pleine Lune Studio near Paris. The new line-up's sound is more "Rock" and "Goth". The next album is written by all the band members, in live, a real work of band!. Musically, it will be a mix between The Cult, The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure and "heavy" elements ... A cover of A-ha "The Sun Always Shines On TV" will figure on this album. The band will play several gigs during next year.


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