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A propos de LAZARE (UK)

LAZARE is 2F's solo music venture. In 2007 when former indie rock band Arsen split, 2F decided to explore new music avenues. After writing a couple of tunes, he invited some musicians to the recording of the first LAZARE songs. The solo adventure soon became a collective. The first members of the collective who attended the now called 'Red Empire Sessions' were:

2F (ex- arsen) /
Charly Coombes (Charly Coombes & The New Breed and Supergrass) /
Nigel Powell (The Sad Song Co and ex- Unbelievable Truth) /
George Shilling (Engineer of the wondeful Bank Cottage studio)

George Shilling also recorded, mixed and mastered 'The Red Empire'.

The will to play live these songs urged the arrival of newcomers in the LAZARE collective. As per today, on stage LAZARE is a four piece band based in Oxford. Depending on who is available for a gig, 2F (Vocals, Guitar) is joined by Mikey Dean-Smith (Drums), Oli Whitworth (Keyboards), Dave Seckleman (Bass), Jake Roos (Bass) and Charly Coombes (Keyboards).

About the band and it's music. Lazare is a strange and cinematic landscape. The songs could be descibed as an emotional journey, a trip in between dreams and reality. The music is intense and sometimes quite dark (Bad Moon Rising 1&2) but features some pop moments (Albion, When The Night Comes) and epic instrumentations (Heroine). Their style could be described as Indie Pop with some Folk roots. The songs are mostly refering to dreams or strange situations that 2F distorted in order to create a unique ambiance. In short, if you´ve ever met 2F, one of these songs might be about you.


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Concerts passés

- 07/06/2010 - 20h00 - Entrée Gratuite - LES DISQUAIRES - PARIS - France - Ile-De-France
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