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Alicante (Espagne) / Autre Pays
Black Métal /Death Métal /Thrash
Lien site : www.gothmog.es
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A propos de GothMog

January 2006

Live debut of the band in Alicante with the following line-up:
Pikaath: Vocals
Baal-Thamor: Drums
Manthor: Guitar
Steel Nipple: Guitar
Gorhom: Bass
Black Virgin: Keyboards

May 2006

The band definitely decides to change their name to GOTHMOG.

Steel Nipple leaves the band and the search for a new guitarist begins.

The band opens for the legendary death metal band Dismember in Murcia with the help of the band´s great friend Eugenio Izquierdo on the guitar as a session musician.

In that gig they meet Draug (Roberto García) who decides to join the band as lead guitarist.

Summer 2006

Black Virgin is fired, but the band decides to go on with their live activities without keyboards.

Draug debuts live with Gothmog in Torrevieja.

November 2006

Gothmog opens for Agathodaimon in Murcia.


A really shitty year for Gothmog:

Manthor is fired.

Pikaath and Draug leave the band.

Baal-Thamor begins the search for new members. Still with Gorhom, Echak (Carlos Echalecu), great friend of Baal-Thamor, enters the band as guitarist, Lord Kathorn (Sergio Córdoba) enters as guitarist too and Decapitated (Juan Miguel Serra) as vocalist.

They begin to rehearse with the new line-up but, after a few months, Echak and Baal-Thamor decide to spare the rest of the members´ services and temporarily abandon the band´s activity until they find the most suitable people.

January 2008

After numerous conversations, Pikaath and Draug return to the band.

Gothmog strongly begins again its activities and the search for a new bassist and keyboardist also begins.

March/April 2008

Gothmog enters Fernando Asensi´s studio to record their first album "A Step in the Dark...". Draug will record the bass lines and the keyboard samplers.

September 2008

Darhen joins the band as the bassist.

December 2008

The band signs their first record contract to the Spanish label Xtreem Music.

January 2009

"A Step in the Dark..." is released and the band begins to get very good critics and reviews of their debut album not only from the national media, but also from the international media too.

February 2009

Echak and Darhen debut live with Gothmog in Benidorm and in Alicante.

March 2009

Darhen leaves the band due to personal matters.

Nammtar joins Gothmog.

April 2009

Gothmog tours with Ancient in their four-gig Spanish leg: Barcelona, Guipúzcoa, Madrid and Alicante. In this tour, the Norwegians count with Nicholas Barker on the drums and Baal-Thamor shares the stage with one of his idols and main influences.

May 2009

"A Step in the Dark..." tour continues through different cities of Spain.


Concerts à venir

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Concerts passés

- 30/05/2009 - - - Sala Mephisto (Barcelone) - Barcelone - Autre Pays
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- 23/05/2009 - - - Sala Durango - Valencia (Spain) - Autre Pays
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- 16/05/2009 - - - Sala Gamma - Murcia (Spain) - Autre Pays
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