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Geraardsbergen / Belgique - Région Flamande
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A propos de Gnais

The name Gnais is of Roman origin.
This is the name of a rough stone.
The oldest known deposit of stone on earth is found on a peninsula of Acasta Lake, approximately 170 miles north of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.
The stone, known as Acasta Gneiss, is approximately four billion years old (Precambrian),
The stone is perhaps the oldest known to exist on Earth and represents the planet in its youth.
The most European name of this stone is gneiss.
Gnais is a Doomy metal band.
This band has a long way in order to be like the band is now.
Each band member lives for the Metal music.
Each song has a message, and is made with passion, love, emotions and hard work.
And that is why their music sounds so rough, uncut but still very beautiful.

Our Vocalist is Selene Vigée-Lebrun "Vampire Woman".
She is the woman in the band.
When she stands on stage you can be certain of a splendid show.
Metal is her life.
Selene has her own special vocal sound.
Her voice is rough and dark.

Playing guitar, Ronny "The Beast" .
With him, it´s always an unforgettable performance to be proud of, thanks to his 28 years experience in the world of guitars.
This extra ordinary guitar player has a long way behind him in the world of Metal.
When the beast leaps into action, we only hear the best.
Don´t miss him!

Gallowsraven is a bass player with fifteen years of experience.
Gallowsraven also knows all the secrets of the bass guitar.
Thanks to his perseverance, character and outstanding knowledge of the bass guitar,
Gallowsraven is a unique and full of rhythm bass player.
Gallowsraven and his bass guitar are a pleasure for your ears!
With this bass player Gnais is ready for any concert, festival and tour.

Playing the drums, we have Eric "The Risen".
Knowing him, we can say that he is the funniest and has the most energy in the band.
He never misses to show us his best performance.
Funny, daring tricks, is an every day occurrence for him.
The Risen therefore lives for music.
His passion is to see the public enjoy and jump while he plays on his drum

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/gnais#ixzz0rCoAbEVV


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