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Aoste (Italy) / Autre Pays
Alternative /Gothique /Cold Wave
Lien site : www.even-vast.com
Lien Myspace : www.myspace.com/evenvast

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Individual maturity and artistic growth led Even Vast to an evident separation from their initial sound, rather heavy and slow, that marked out Hear Me Out in 1999 (Black Lotus Records) and Outsleeping in 2003 (Mausoleum Records), two albums that, however, made the band appreciated by criticism and that aroused interest of many people, specially on the outside.
April 2007 was the date of the renewal´s outcome: the third full lenght album (under the sign of MyKingdom Music) "Teach Me How To Bleed", recorded at the H-Soundstudio. By means of ten tracks, this album is capable to pass on the most instinctive and passionate attraction of the band towards the decadent dark-wave sound (even if the music´s still keeping some traces of the past).
One of the tracks featured in TMHTB is a cover, Love Will Tear Us Apart, taken from Joy Division´s repertoire.
During the recording sessions of TMHTB, Even Vast have experienced, for the first time, some electronic grooves.
In end 2007, they decide to modify the moniker in Even More Vast (stabilizing definitively as a trio) and go record three brand new songs (INLY, LOONY, PURE) which feature some interesting novelties.
The mastering is entrusted to the experience of Greg Calbi (Sterling Sound, New York).
The three new songs are featured in a promo cd that reaches various labels worldwide. Even More Vast receive some proposals for a record deal and decide to accept the offer of American label Renaissance Records for the territory of North America, Mexico and South America.
The band re-arrange completely the songs fetured in "teach me........" and go re-record (at the H-Soundstudio) the new album, post-produced at Saffmastering, Chicago, by Carl Saff.
The new release features these songs plus the three promo tracks and an inedit titled "Would you believe?".
"Would You Believe?" is the title of the Even More Vast's new full lenght album, released in December 2008 in the territory of North America, Mexico and South America, under the sign of Renaissance Records as mentioned above.
New mix and new mastering (still at Saffmastering, Chicago) of the album is done for the European version of the release.
In the meantime, a video clip of the title-track as well as more videos are yet available online.
On May 31st 2009 EMV signed a deal with German label PANDAIMONIUM Records.
"WOULD YOU BELIEVE?" album gets issued in Europe on October 23th 2009 and, consequently, the band starts playing various live dates to promote it around...


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