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Dernière connexion : 12/12/2014
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- 26/10/2009 : Atheist Dezekration -- First full length

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Lille / France - Nord-Pas-De-Calais
Black Métal
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A propos de DunkelNacht

DunkelNacht was created early 2005 by Heimdall (guitar/programmings).Then Exp13 (formerly known as "Nygh Gaunt") joined him as a singer .The same year Beowülf joined the band as the second guitar player and came out the beginning of the songwriting. Rehearsal intensifies and DunkelNacht becomes step by step an intelligent project mixing an atheist speech (resolutely in a modern context) and the music based on high tempos. Furthermore, some inspired melodies are connected with atypical rhythmic guitar chords.

In March 2007, the line up is complete with the arrival of Alkhemohr as the bass player. So the band enters the studio for his first official recording, a split CD (an official one not a CD-R) with Mass Grave (Old School Death/Thrash Metal from Lille).

Beowülf leaves DunkelNacht in December 2007 because of musicals divergences. In May 2008, Svarte (ex-Myrddin) became the second guitar player. Now, DunkelNacht has his own artistic orientation. New singer Deha joins forces in March 2009 after EXP:/13's departure.

So if you want more don´t miss the release of our first full length!!!


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Concerts passés

- 12/12/2009 - 20h00 - 5 Euros - La Chimère - LILLE - France - Nord-Pas-De-Calais
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