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CLERMONT FERRAND / France - Auvergne
Métal /Death Métal /Thrash
Lien Myspace : www.myspace.com/detorn666

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A propos de DETORN

DETORN is a metal band influenced by thrash / death metal. It was formed in 2006. The band is composed of:  JULIEN - singer (former LAELITH singer (celtic metal), former MANIFEST singer (1999-2005, power metal. MANIFEST released an EP recorded at the NSR studio, and performed many concerts with other bands such as DRYADE, LIFEKIT, MALMONDE, TRIPOD, NO RETURN, SIDILARSEN and KRISTENDOM.))  LAURENT - guitarist (former CLUN-K guitarist,1999-2003. CLUN-K released a five-title EP made at their own expense. CLUN-K is a spooky core band which toured with the label ROADRUNNER RECORDS and took part in some ONDES DE CHOC gigs.) (former FREEDOM OF CHOICE guitarist, 1995-1999. FREEDOM OF CHOICE five-title EP was released by the associative label CAP JEUNE MUSIC and was recorded at the BLATIN studio (63). This hard-core band played with OUT, UNCLE OH, KUNAMAKA...)  LAURENT, alias BALO - guitarist. He played with various metal bands and was a founder member of the DETORN band.  NICOLAS - drummer (guitarist of a death/black metal band called ENDLESS AGONY. This band released the album "AN AGONY OF FEAR" under the label DEAD SUN REC. They supported BEHEMOT, NO RETURN, NATRON, SCEPTIC FLESH and other bands. Nicolas took part in the H.O.P.E. project and sang on the album REASON OF DIVINE (2006).)  SEB - bass player (bass player in the metal band DEACONS LODGE; their first album IRA FUROR BREVIS EST was released in 2007, it was made at their own expense and recorded at the PRO-PULSE Studio (DISLOCATION...). They performed with REST IN PEACE, AWACKS, BLACKLASH and supported the German band KREATOR and the Italian band NOVEMBRE.) DETORN is a project which gathers 5 musicians whose influences are very different, but whose mutual interests are to create a genuine Thrash metal band. Thanks to the experiences of its members, the band has been able to find its own identity and to create a thrash metal both influenced by American and Swedish bands (Machine Head, Pantera, Entombed). DETORN performed its first concert with the hard core band FAT ASS (end 2007). In order to tour and to get a distribution branch and a label, the band is now recording its first album; it should be released at the end in 2008. CONTACT / SEB OR seb6metalradioshow@hotmail.com


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