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Des Ames Libres (D.A.L)

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Dernière connexion : 05/01/2018
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A propos de Des Ames Libres (D.A.L)

Des Ames Libres believe in their fate; the formation of the band was due to a bundle of circumstances that have something to do with three concepts: space, time and death. The month of June 2012 was the perfect context to create it: David Law (voice, guitar) and David Jornet (keyboards, programming) from Paris, and German Sanchez (bass, programming) from Barcelona, give shape to this project.

Des Ames Libres use lots of technology but not in a predictable way. There is an exhaustive work in the search of a "humanization" of the electronic material they use: analogue devices from the 70s to the most updated virtual instruments like the Ipad. All them are treated in the same way, trying to give a particular touch to each sound. If besides we add other conventional instruments like electric bass and guitars, you´ll have all the tools they need to make their claustrophobic, enraged, heavy, electric, dense, intense and powerful atmospheres.

Des Ames Libres say that, thanks to or because of their wide music influences and tastes, the result of their music is something unpredictable. Their tracks could sound like a Phil Spector´s rock&roll production from the 50s performed at the synths by Jesus and Mary Chain. Regarding the lyrics, they always -not in a premeditated way- talk about subjects like isolation, hope, self-destruction, future, cruelty in modern societies, human relationships and the feeling of survival.

Probably, Des Ames Libres have so much to thank to: Bauhaus, The Cure, A Place to Bury Strangers, Fender JazzBass, The KVB, The Sisters of Mercy, Cold Cave, Marshall amp, Tones on Tail, Soft Moon, Rat pedals, Beach House, Apple, Velvet Underground, Depeche Mode, Break Horses, Bowie, Gibson SG, Lou Angel, Cabaret Voltaire, Korg MS20 y Polysix, Jade´s bed, The Smiths, Daniel Ash, Geode Studios, Nev.Era, The Suicide of Western Culture, DdF Studio, and many others.

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