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London / Autre Pays
Progressive /Rock
Lien site : www.coreproject.co.uk
Lien Myspace : www.myspace.com/coreproject06

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A propos de CORE PROJECT

Core Project are a London based Progressive Heavy Rock band who combine powerful melodic riffs, epic songwriting and musical accomplishment to produce energetic modern music.

With the ability to move from dark and heavy musical passages to more mellow and light ones, often within the same track, the band consider themselves to be Heavy Rock, rather than metal.

Stylistically, Core Project´s primary influences are Dream Theater, Symphony X and Pantera, though elements of their music take their roots from an eclectic mix of musicians such as Iron Maiden, Tool, Queen, and Rush. The band approach the task of song writing methodically, using heavy, grooving riffs within the structure of classic Progressive Rock.

Core Project´s first EP, Singularities Part 1, was recorded and released in 2009. The band are set to be busy for the next year as they will be gigging from Spring 2010 to promote its independent release, while finishing the recording of the follow up Singularities Part 2, which comprises the 50-minute Singularity Suite. Writing and recording for the band´s full debut album, tentatively entitled The Dark Tower, is also underway, with completion scheduled for the end of 2010, and a release date soon after.



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