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Montpellier / France - Languedoc-Roussillon
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A propos de AnantA

ANANTA, created in June 2005 by the passion and determination of its musicians, is a young band not without experience. Its members have been active on the French Metal scene since 1999. Most of the musicians already were in El'Nath, which has done more than 150 gigs and released a MCD "Paranoïa Urbaine, nationally distributed by Musicast). They were also lucky to share scenes with bands such as Scarve, Eyeless, Tripod, No Return, Punish Yourself, Scorch, Feverish...

Thanks to this experience and after the split up of El'Nath, the combo managed to start up again quickly by locking themselves up in their recording studio (Vertic Studio) in order to devote themselves entirely to ANANTA.

With much work and relentlessness ANANTA's musicians have managed in less than a year to compose the whole of their first album, whose style is powerful and technical, serving melody and emotion. In March 2006, ANANTA managed to stabilize its line up.


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